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Developments and dynamic changes in all aspects of Indonesian law in the era of globalization have made legal issues between legal subjects, both individuals and legal entities, becoming increasingly complex and diverse. Based on this, the need for quality and professional legal services is a demand for every person or legal entity that requires legal servi

Jumadin Sidabutar Law Office is a law office based in Jakarta Indonesia committed to providing quality legal services in the field of litigation and non-litigation. strong desire to make it happen is to develop expertise in all legal spheres in order to provide services that are always increasing from time to time along with the times.

Jumadin Sidabutar Law Office is developing into a multi-disciplinary practice founded with optimism and a vision for the future that is responsive, friendly and noble. a progressive and proactive legal approach with the use of the latest technology, by focusing on the Client's needs in offering legal services and legal opinions in accordance with high standards of professionalism is the main commitment.

Jumadin Sidabutar Law Office is present in the midst of various civil law and criminal law products such as: Mortgage and Fiduciary Law, Banking Law, Land Law, Company Law, Capital Market Law, Labor Law, Bankruptcy Law, Intellectual Property Law, Arbitration Law, Corruption Law and so on, which are carried out by the Team Work system according to the expertise of each Advocate in dealing with any legal issues faced by Clients, with efficient and effective service financing methods in meeting Client needs.

“Give Justice to All Eligible People”

Best Regards,

Dr. Jumadin Sidabutar, S.H., M.H.


Making Law Enforcers fair, reliable, of high value and noble


1.      Realizing professional legal services

2.      Realizing quality & dignified legal services

3.     Prioritizing law enforcement, professional code of ethics, norms and morals


Dr. JUMADIN SIDABUTAR, S.H., M.H., 1995 Alumnus of the Faculty of Law, University of HKBP Nommensen Medan, then on March 28 2016 he completed his Master of Business Law Study Program at Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, and Promotion for Doctor of Law at Pelita Harapan University February 20th, 2020. in September 2013 participated in the International Student Conference Thammasat University Bangkok Thailand, Curator and Management Training 2017 Jakarta, Basic Capital Market Legal Consultant Professional Education 1 Batch XXIII 2018 Jakarta, Technical Guidance for Settlement of Election Results Disputes Governor Regent and Mayor Simultaneously in 2018 For Advocates Batch 2 of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia, Technical Guidance on Procedural Laws for Reviewing Laws for the 2020 Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI) of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia, and so on. Other experiences, having served as Military Police of the Indonesian National Armed Forces Air Force with a military service period of 12 (twelve) years and 3 (three) months and held various positions and assignments throughout Indonesia, especially in the field of Criminal Investigations, Investigations, General Physical Security, Physical Security for the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Maintenance of Order and Discipline. Military education, such as: SEKKAU (United Air Force Command School), Para Basic (Parachuting), leadership management, and so on. thus encouraging to pursue and deepen the field of law by establishing Jumadin Sidabutar Law Office on July 27 2010, and in the end asked for early retirement at his own request because the official bond was completed with the rank of Major (Middle Officer).

Organizational positions include: Management of the National Leadership Council (DPN) Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI) for the period 2015 – 2020 and 2020-2025, previously as Commissioner of PT. Pacific Healthcare Services Indonesia at Plaza Indonesia Jakarta, permanent attorney for PT. Alfa Laval Indonesia Graha Inti Fauzi 4th Floor Jl. Buncit Raya No.22, South Jakarta since December 10 2018 until now, he often attends seminars both domestically and abroad, so that he has an extensive "network" to be able to resolve cases properly while at the same time providing satisfaction for the Client. cases that have been handled such as handling various civil and criminal cases, Labor, starting Litigation and Non-Litigation, Company Accounts Receivable, Assisting in Reporting and Examination at the Police, Corruption Crime Trials, handling Mortgage and Fiduciary Rights cases, Cases Land Affairs, Handling Company Issues, State Administrative Court hearings and Religious Court sessions with various kinds of cases, and the level of difficulty of cases can be won fairly and with dignity.


Dr. Ir. ALADIN SIRAIT, S.H., M.H., Alumnus of the Faculty of Law (FH), Indonesian Christian University (UKI), Jakarta, and Master of Law, Faculty of Law, UKI, Jakarta, Field of Business Law, the best graduate of FH-UKI with the title of Cum Laude 2013; Doctor of Law majoring in Business Law, graduated with the title of Very Satisfactory in 2022 from Doctor of Law Program (PDH)-Faculty of Law, Diponegoro University, Semarang; Factory Manager at PT. Mercedes Benz Indonesia (A Daimler Company) in 2014; Participated in the International Course such as Anti-Bribery and  Integrity; Legal Consultant for Intellectual Property starting in 2016; Member of Indonesian Association (PERADI) since 2013 until now; PERADI's National Leadership Council (DPN) for period of 2020-2025 and as Legal Advisor handling litigation in various Civil and Criminal cases as well as practicing as a Legal Consultant especially in the Field of Business Law.

FIRMAN SIREGAR, S.H., M.H., Alumnus of the Faculty of Law, Jayabaya University, Jakarta, and Master of Law with a specialist in business with a 1988 Cum Laude graduate, as Personnel Officers at PT. Multi Citra Rahardja 1993, as General Staff at PT. mentari Metal Pratama in 1995, as Head of General Staff of PT. Sinar LG Plastics Industry in 1999, as Director of PT. Sinar Agung Gemilang From 2003 to 2013 as General Director of PT. Omi Grand Namura, 2008 until now Advocates & Legal Consultants and the Indonesian Advocates Association Organization (PERADI).

ADRI OF PATRAS, S.H., M.H., Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Sam Ratulangi Manado in 2002, then graduated in August 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Constitutional Law from Esa Unggul University. Experience handled cases in the fields of Civil Law, Criminal Law, Company Law, making contracts, Agreements, Legal Drafting, Due Diligence, Bankruptcy, Property, Land, Employment, Islamic Law, Banking, and Association OrganizationsIndonesian Advocates (PERADI).

JIMMY LSD SIMANJUNTAK, S.H., Alumnus of the Faculty of Law, Padjadjaran University Bandung. Decades of experience in handling cases in the fields of: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Company Law, making Contracts, Agreements, Legal Drafting, Due Diligence, Bankruptcy, Property, Land, Employment, Islamic Law, Banking, has attended various training and law seminars including: in Bandung Capital Market & HRD Management, Indonesian Advocates Association Organization (PERADI) & Indonesian Advocates Association (AAI).

GANDA RAJA NAHAT GAJAH, S.H., Alumnus of the Faculty of Law, Bung Karno University, Jakarta, graduated in 2019, as Staff at the Jumadin Sidabutar Law Office Since August 9, 2021 until now.

Has the ability to draft agreements, legal correspondence, computer operations, and has attended Advocate Profession Special Education (PKPA) and has passed the Advocate Professional Examination (UPA) at the Indonesian Advocates Association Organization (PERADI).


The amount of fees charged depends on many factors, starting with the type of legal issue to be handled. In general, some of the cases handled, we can provide services using a flat rate calculation per case, sharing of fees from the proceeds, calculated per hour such as legal consultations, reviewing contracts and others, in essence the choice depends on the agreement between the attorney and the Client.

Flat fee is a fee where services for a certain period of time have been determined by both parties before hand, regardless of the time required for work. In determining the rate in question we consider several factors such as the level of complexity and difficulty of legal issues, the level of difficulty of the preparation period and the time to study it, as well as the responsibilities assigned to us, the need for expertise and time, results work, the results obtained, the level of cooperation from the Client and other things out of the ordinary.

Profit sharing, this calculation is based on a predetermined percentage of success obtained. Profit sharing is usually borne in certain cases such as making debt collection and claims for compensation in cases where the expected results are quite large, financial losses are quite large and the possibility of getting justice is quite large, and other provisions governing the collection of commercial debts will be determined later.as a form of our attention to the social problems experienced by the community, we also provide free legal assistance (Prodeo).


In connection with the appointment of offices to represent, accompany, defend, provide legal consultations, and make other efforts to Clients, we have the following terms and conditions:

1. The Advocate fee agreement has been signed;

2.  We have received a security deposit (cash or transfer);

3.  We have received the necessary documents to start a representative;

4.  The client explains the actual situation;

5. Initial consultation is required to provide an estimate of the cost of the legal services needed, meaning that in order to be able to provide an estimate of  the cost of representing the client, you will be charged a consultation fee except for certain matters and must provide all information and documents as complete as possible to legal advisers in order to be able to provide a good description of the situation of the case, to use the law relating to the facts involved, so that they can provide a professional opinion about the actual problem of the case being faced;

6.The over all cost of legal representation may be more or less than previously estimated. The accuracy of our estimates may vary, depending on facts and circumstances beyond our control, such as court decisions or actions of third parties;

7. An inferred opinion about the likely outcome of a legal case is our best professional conclusion.

For more detailed information about the legal services provided, please contact Jumadin Sidabutar Law Office at Graha Sartika, Jl. dewi Sartika No 357 Cawang Jakarta, 13630, HP Office: 081290482625, Email: info@jumlaw.com, Website: www.jumlaw.com

Justice Holds to God's Truth, Do It at All Times,Then Happiness Comes”